This week, David and James get together to talk about news that happened when the episode was recorded. We are well aware of the Smash news, but we'll...View Details

This week, the Virtual Boys get together to talk about all of the sweet Smash Bros. Ultimate news revealed at E3. What predictions did we end up getti...View Details

With the holiday out of the way, David, Jordan, Skylar, and James all get together to discuss how the year 2018 is going so far for Nintendo. Have the...View Details

James, David, and Skylar get together to wrap up E3 2018! How did our predictions hold out, and who won our game? Did we like the presentations, or di...View Details

101- E3 2018 Predictions and Wishes James, David, and Jordan get together to play another prediction game! This time, they try to come up with their 2...View Details

Even though it's beyond our wildest dreams, Pokémon Let's Go has officially been announced. James and David get together to talk about this game, as ...View Details

James and David get together for a short time to talk about some N64 Mini rumors. We also talk about the latest Warriors game and Switch Port: Hyrule...View Details

All four of us are together again after some hectic weeks, and we have to talk about some rumors that are circulating around. The first is Retro's pro...View Details

Join the Skylar and James this week as they discuss some of their worries about the removal of Virtual Console. Nintendo released a lot of details abo...View Details

We recorded this episode last week, but I was at a conference so you're getting it today! In this episode, we talk about all of the fun stuff that Nin...View Details

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