On this week's episode, we talk about the delay of Metroid Prime 4 which hurts us. We also talk about how much we love our little boy: Piranha Plant. ...View Details

On this week's episode, we talk about the Nindies Highlights video that Nintendo released just a few days ago. We talk about some of the games that ca...View Details

It's a new year and it's time for a new format to the podcast. We're shortening the episodes to around 30 minutes to provide a more consistent and foc...View Details

David was so busy and distracted the last few weeks that he forgot to edit and publish this episode. James and Jordan got together right before the re...View Details

Hot off of the final Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct, the Virtual Boys talk about all of the hype. Are the characters good enough? Did we get enough conte...View Details

The Virtual Boys get together to talk about the Grinch Leaks. Yes, we know it was proven false, and we actually recorded before the final direct. Davi...View Details

David and James get together this week to talk about Super Mario Party! Is it really as super as people are making it out to be? Is it a true return t...View Details

Dragalia Lost launched last month for iOS and Skylar and James get together to talk about it! Come listen to what they have to say about Nintendo's ne...View Details

After having the Switch Online service for a week, we talk about the service. Is it actually a good thing or is it super meh? Also, Torna: the Golden ...View Details

First impressions are everything in this podcast episode. David, James, and Jordan get together to talk about their likes and dislikes with the new Ni...View Details

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