Time for us to talk about another super-hyped game for Nintendo Switch: Super Mario Odyssey! Join us as we discuss everything we know about the upcoming game.

Show notes: http://nintencity.com/podcasts/super-mario-odyssey-episode-43

-- Important Time Stamps:

0:00:00 – Trailer Thoughts, Game Impressions, and More!
0:29:22 – Nintendo News Minute
0:31:29 – Skylar's Business: Lots and lots and lots of Games!

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-- Music:

  • Introduction Music and Outro Music composed by Skylar DeWeese for the use of the Virtual Boys Podcast
  • "Bomb-omb Battle Field" - Super Mario 64 - Koji Kondo
  • "Ricco Harbor" and "Delfino Plaza" - Super Mario Sunshine - Koji Kondo and Team
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