Returning for their 3rd season, the Virtual Boys start off strong discussing the entirety of the Nintendo Switch presentation. Join them as they discuss the system's specs, their thoughts on the games nearing release, as well as plenty of other topics. We hope you enjoy this special episode of the Virtual Boys Podcast by NintenCity!

Show notes:

-- Important Time Stamps:

0:00:00 - Switch Hardware
0:17:38 - Joycons
0:25:14 - Motion Control Games
0:34:22 - Splatoon 2
0:39:16 - Super Mario Odyssey
0:42:23 - Weeaboo RPGs (Xenoblade and Fire Emblem)
0:49:55 - David’s Nintendo News Notice
0:51:28 - 3rd Parties
1:01:35 - Zelda Breath of the Wild
1:17:01 - Final Thoughts

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-- Music:

  • Introduction Music and Outro Music composed by Skylar DeWeese for the use of the Virtual Boys Podcast
  • “Circuit” – Mario Kart 8 – Composed by Atsuko Asahi and team
  • “Fight” – Fire Emblem Gaiden – Composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko
  • “Breath of the Wild Trailer” – Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Composed by Manaka Kataoka and team
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