Episode 34 - Pokémon NX

This week on the Virtual Boys Podcast, we talk about MORE Sun and Moon news on Bill's PC. Since we've talked so much about Pokémon on the podcast, we thought this would be a good week to discuss what we want from Pokémon NX! Massive games, fighting games, and more are among our ideas for great games. Come take a listen!

Check out our show notes: http://virtualboys.xyz/podcasts/pokemon-nx-episode-34/

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00:00:00 – Games We’re Currently Playing right into Pokémon

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-- Music:
-Professor Sycamore's Theme – arr. GlitchxCity – Music originally composed by Shota Kageyama, Minako Adachi, Hitomi Sato, and Junichi Masuda
-Through the Sea of Time – arr. GlitchxCity – From Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Music originally composed by Arata Iiyoshi, Hideki Sakamoto, Keisuke Ito, Ryoma Nakamura, and Kenichi Saito

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