Episode 29 - Paper Mario

This week, the Virtual Boys (David, Jordan, Skylar, and James) get together to discuss the beloved Paper Mario series! Join them as they discuss the original, Thousand-Year Door, Super Paper Mario, Sticker Star, and even the future with Color Splash! Stay tuned for initial impressions on Pokémon Go and some of the newly revealed Pokémon! Don't forget to subscribe to the show and check us out elsewhere! This show is supported by our Patreons! Consider donating today!

Check out our show notes: http://virtualboys.xyz/podcasts/paper-mario-episode-29/

-- Important Time Stamps:
0:14:18 - Paper Mario
0:21:10 - Thousand-Year Door
0:47:29 - Super Paper Mario
0:58:20 - Sticker Star, Color Splash, and the Future
1:12:46 - Pokémon Go - First Impressions
1:21:09 - Other News

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-- Music:
Main Theme - Paper Mario
Toad Town - Paper Mario
Title Theme - Thousand-Year Door
Rogueport - Thousand-Year Door
Flipside - Super Paper Mario
Encounter! - Pokémon Go

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