After a lot of excitement surrounding Nintendo's E3 announcement, David gathers with James, Jordan, and Skylar to talk about the new games revealed as well as how well Nintendo did with their presentation. If you're looking for Zelda discussion, stay tuned since Skylar wants to remain spoiler-free! Don't forget to subscribe to the show and check us out elsewhere! This show is supported by our Patrons! Consider donating today!

Check out our show notes:

-- Important Time Stamps:
0:00:00 - Zelda Disclaimer and Pokemon Sun and Moon
0:34:49 - Mario Party
0:39:37 - Monster Hunter Generations
0:44:18 - Dragon Quest VII
0:46:07 - Paper Mario Color Splash
0:52:30 - Ever Oasis and Wrap-up

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-- Music:
E3 Trailer - The Legend of Zelda: Breah of the WIld

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