For their special 20th episode, the Virtual Boys join forces with the Accidental Warriors to face-off on which Fire Emblem is superior! Which do you side with: Fire Emblem Awakening or Fire Emblem Fates? Join them to find out!

The Accidental Warriors are a nerd group that compete in cosplay. You can find out more about them and follow their social media at their website:

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Some Important Time Stamps: 00:00 - News! 0:14:40 - Introduction of Guests, The Accidental Warriors 0:27:37 - Best parts of of Fire Emblem Awakening 0:39:35 - Why Awakening is better than Fates 0:50:43 - Why Fire Emblem Fates is superior 1:24:06 - New Segment! Quiz Show - Awakening and Fates Trivia


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Music in this Episode: Conquest - Fire Emblem Awakening Main Theme - Fire Emblem Awakening Id (Purpose) - Fire Emblem Awakening Preparing for Battle - Fire Emblem Fates Fire Emblem Orchestrated Main Theme

Quotes are Fire Emblem Critical Hits

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