This week, host David gathers with co-hosts James, Jordan, and Skylar to fight about their (unpopular) opinions. News comes first, but then it is a head-on discussion aimed at revealing unpopular opinions. Jordan hates Mario 64, Skylar didn't like Banjo Kazooie at first, James hates Majora's Mask, and David thinks that Spirit Tracks didn't get enough love. Take a listen and join us for an Unpopular Opinion Nintendo Discussion.

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Some Important Time Stamps: 00:00 - News! - Pokken Tournament Review, Pokémon Shuffle Update, Pokémon Go!, Nintendo NX Rumors 34:20 - Jordan's dislike for Mario 64 43:16 - James' Sad Experiences with Majora's Mask 53:42 - David's Love for Spirit Tracks and Skylar's opinions on Skyward Sword and Banjo Kazooie


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Music in this Episode: Sootopolis City from Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby Throwback Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2 Full Steam Ahead from Spirit Tracks remixed for Smash Bros.

Quotes from Spirit Tracks, Mario 64, Skyward Sword, and Majora's Mask

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